Website design & build

The Problem

the7stars is an independent media planning and buying agency with an impressive portfolio of clients. They came to us with a brief to re-design their site, as they felt it looked tired and didn’t properly reflect the dynamism of the company. They also needed to address the fact that their site was not live, content could not be updated and SEO was poor.

The Solution

The solution was a fully-integrated CMS website with social network plug-ins and intelligent use of JavaScript for slick transitions. The CMS allowed content to be updated quickly and easily and, along with the blog seamlessly tied into the user experience, the new site felt rich and alive with living, breathing content. In addition, a mobile-optimised version of the website gave it the flexibility to work cross-platform.

How we did it

We used a step-by-step approach that flowed smoothly through a sequence of key stages.

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The Results

October 2011 - September 2012

33,932 website visits, 219,037 pageviews,

which has helped the7stars become 'The UK's Largest Independent Media Agency'