Website design & build

The Problem

Izurium Capital Management is an independent investment firm. Last year, they invested more than €130 million in businesses with sizeable operations in the UK, Continental Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Over the past few years of trading, Izurium’s successful investments have resulted in substantial growth. However, their website was one static page and did not reflect their success, their growth or their global standing.

We were tasked to re-design their website and create an online presence that would establish their position in the digital environment.

The Solution

We designed a clean, elegant, professional website that reflected Izurium’s philosophy and investment approach. The site was built on the WordPress platform and styled with HTML5 which allowed us to create a visually impactful website that is accessible on all platforms. Additionally, a mobile-optimised website was produced to give a great user experience for mobile users.

How we did it

We used a step-by-step approach that flowed smoothly through a sequence of key stages.

Show the full process

The Results is a brand new shiny website. Visit us again soon to find out the results.