Interactive presentation

The Problem

Digital Property Group (DPG) unites, and All of the DPG websites have a distinct market position, and together they work as complementary brands attracting over 9 million search visits a month. Currently DPG websites carry a lot of mortgage, home insurance and utilities advertisers and are perceived by ad agencies and media agencies as a fairly dry, financial audience. We were tasked to change ad agencies and media agencies perceptions by positioning DPG as an attractive audience for lifestyle advertisers such as furniture, home furnishings, DIY, paint etc. This will encourage brands such as Ikea, DFS, Harveys, John Lewis, Habitat, Lombok, Wickes, B&Q and Dulux to advertise on the DPG websites.

The Solution

We designed and produced an interactive presentation titled ‘Deconstructing the home of consumer insights’. The presentation was created as a unique sales tool that allowed DPG to approach new prospective customers. Using stats sourced from TGI we illustrated a typical DPG family home that could be explored. By clicking on highlighted objects positioned in each room of the house, prospective customers can see at a glance the total percentage spent on household objects by DPG users. Additionally, a results table highlights DPG’s overall positioning compared to their competitors, and although DPG don’t display top of every table it highlights DPG as a strong competitor in the marketplace to display lifestyle advertisements. The presentation was built in Flash and integrated XML feeds so stats can be quickly and easily updated by DPG via any text editing software. Finally, to add a bit of character to the presentation a few final touches were added, these included, an attic mouse, birds with muddy feet, and a lost balloon.

How we did it

We used a step-by-step approach that flowed smoothly through a sequence of key stages.

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