Heidegger and the Poets: Poiesis/Sophia/Techne (Philosophy and Literary Theory)

Veronique Foti delves into the complete diversity of Heideggerian texts to complex the problematics of historicity, language, and the constitution of disclosure or "manifestation" in reference to the Herman poets whom Heidegger invoked alongside his course of considering. Foti’s examining of those ports (Morike, Trakl, Rilke, Holderlin, and Celan) is a probing inquiry into the cultured, moral, and political implications of Heidegger’s concept. She is familiar with how technicity (techne) and poetizing (poiesis) are adversarial but introduced jointly in Heidegger’s hermeneutic phenomenology, how they're either politicized and associated with moral praxis, and the way technicity, poetizing, and praxis can't be dissevered from Heidegger’s crucial pondering.

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